Ladies, we have been told time and time again, “I broke up with my ex because she was crazy”. We hear that all the damn time. But when a man says this, what is he really saying? Many times this actually means, that he was an insensitive asshole who put his ex through crazy sh*t and acted as if she were crazy for reacting to it. Some times he did actually fall in love (or like) with someone with a few screws loose. But this really isn’t always the case, even though love can drive you loco. However it is said so many times that it makes us wonder, how many crazy women are actually out there.

So your new prospect says his ex was crazy. Before you take his word for it, remember there is always two sides to every story. Maybe what she had to deal with was “crazy”? Maybe he should have considered her feelings a little more? Maybe he brought the worst out of her? We rarely hear a guy say, “I did x, y and z which caused yadda yadda. We both did blah blah blah”. Nope, no responsibility. It’s all pinned on the woman. She was just “crazy”.

We’ve had guy friends say, “She was crazy. She’d always accuse me of cheating”. Then we ask, “So were you cheating?” and the man actually reluctantly admits to cheating. So, in a man’s eyes, if someone is actually hurt and reacts emotionally to something they’ve done, they’re crazy?

Or how about this. I’m sure a few of us girls have been through this: When a guy mentions some “crazy” girl who won’t leave them alone but tells you not to worry about her. He down plays every role he has to play in this so-called “irrational” interest. Then all of a sudden you’re hit with the actual realization that this “crazy woman” is his current wife or girlfriend!

It seems that showing any emotion these days is considered “crazy”. Speaking up for yourself is “crazy”. Calling someone out for being disrespectful is “crazy”. Well, girl’s I guess we’re crazy then, especially when we have to deal with disrespectful, inconsiderate people. Men say all women are “crazy” but we say, STOP PUTTING US THROUGH CRAZY SHIT!