People are funny to me. Even though I slip up sometimes I like to live and let live. Do you, boo. But right now I want to talk about people who act as if they support me doing me but have this passive aggressive, condescending way of commenting on what I do. I recognize it but don’t read much into it because people who are condescending have the insatiable need to feel superior because they don’t feel superior. For instance…

Say I get some weave. I love weave. I love the art of adding fake hair for a new look. Someone will say, “That’s cute but personally I don’t need all of that fake hair”. Biiiishhh, neither do I. I don’t need it. I can wear my natural hair and I do and have been. I don’t lock myself out from the outside world cause I don’t have weave in my hair. I won’t die without it. Therefore I don’t need it. It’s like giving a compliment but implying that I need it to feel good about myself. It’s kind of underhanded. But let them get the expertise to do what I can do, you know they’ll be wearing it too. Trust.

Then another thing, about associates. Not friends…associates. I’ll have someone say, “You know a lot of people. Personally, I don’t need attention or being around a lot of people”. Just implying something in a negative way. It doesn’t bother me because it comes from an insecure place. It’s just funny to me. One thing about me is that if I’m not at work, I’m alone. I’m at the store alone. I’m at home alone. Exploring the city alone. Hell, I even go out all by myself to the club alone. But, if you see a gang of people around me by the end of the night, it’s because I’m fun and they’re drawn to my energy. And I try to say that in the least pretentious way possible.

This is all perception but it’s just funny how many people associate being in Los Angeles or knowing people with being a fake person or “all about looks”. Man I’ve been to these so called hollywood parties. There are regular people there who don’t care. Nobody cares. Look good or look bad, no one cares. I don’t have to be fake or phony. The people who don’t get it are usually the people who will never find themselves in these situations because they’re so pessimistic.

Watch out for these people who are passive aggressive. They want you to feel bad about yourself by giving underhanded comments. Recognize it and put your head high because they wouldn’t feel the need to say those things if you weren’t awesome. Something about you makes them sting. Your shine is making them feel insecure and possibly jealous. You gotta keep them far, far away before they dim your shine. This is one big thing I’ve learned. The circle shall stay small.