I can’t stand people (females especially) with that whole “you can’t sit with us”, elitist attitude. It’s funny because half of the time it’s a female who is no different or better than the next. Who nobody wants to “sit” with or even cares about. I sure don’t give a fuck about the next b*tch, unless that’s my b*tch…and I don’t have many of those.

That’s why I keep my circle very very small. People get confused and think I have so many “friends”. Yea…no. I can count my “friends” on one hand and the rest are family. Don’t confuse the associates with friends because there is a huge difference. Having many associates doesn’t make you fake either. It means that people are attracted to you. Cause I don’t have to be fake to have people want to associate with me. It is *womp womp* what it is.

I have people I party with, work with, attend events with but I can say I only have three or four very true friends. We talk all of the time and we see eachother often. The rest are associates. People who I just don’t have the deep connection with but are sometimes fun to be around. Is it good or bad? No. It is what it is. No fault to them, no fault to me.

Back to the reason why I have very few friends. I pick up on the energy. I know when someone feels some type of way about me but won’t say it. And simply because I don’t need too many friends. I have my day ones. They see the vision, have mutual love and respect. I don’t associate with people who don’t know their potential and mock others ambitions. That’s wack as hell. Or who have drama. I rarely have drama, don’t need it and won’t stand for it.

In my life I don’t have to worry about who is real or “fake” because I don’t even have the fake ones around enough to feel it. I have bigger things to worry about. My novel, the television show I was asked to star in, being an interior designer, bills, working towards being a mogul…you know grown up, independent lady stuff. I’ll leave the drama to the little girls.